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P48 Conversion – Atlas Trainman 40’ Hy-Cube Box Car

I spent most of April converting a pair of Atlas O 3 rail cars to Proto 48. Atlas O Trainman…

Proto 48 Conversion Atlas Master 53’ Evans Box Car

I’ve spent most of April working on a Proto48 conversions to a couple of Atlas Box Cars. Both cars were…

Jim Rockford's Firebird

Rockford won’t be happy

I don’t think Rockford is going to be happy with what Lorenzo did to his Firebird. While weathering the Firebird,…

Weathering Fools

Kids Gone Choo Choo 2012 – Prep

Kid’s Gone Choo Choo is Thursday at Patrick’s preschool and we’ve spent the last couple of days dusting off the…

Proto:87 Test Train

Proto:87 Test Run 1

A lot of fiddling to get it on the tracks and going. First try it wouldn’t run, I figured out…

Closeup Proto:87 Wheels installed

Proto:87 Wheel Swap

What is Proto:87 Before I go too far along in my layout, I wanted to give Proto:87 a try. If…

Athearn Genesis HO 57' MECHANICAL REEFER W/SOUND, UP/ARMN #922015

Athearn Reefer with SOUND

Now this is real cool! I guess I missed the announcement last month, but Athearn is releasing a 57′ reefer with sound. I’ve never really thought about putting sound in a reefer, but now that I see it, it’s a gotta have it thing.

Patrick running trains

Nightime Operations 8-20-2012

Nighttime Operations on The Industrial Lead   I set up a tuning fork test track. Just a lead a turnout…

TILX 170357

TILX 170357

ARMN 461808

ARMN 761808