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Sergent Coupler - SBEC87A

Sergent Coupler Craziness

I spent a couple of days testing Sergent Couplers. We used a variety of couplers on a variety of cars. While I love the way the Sergents look, I found it impractical for our layout. It’s just too hard to teach a three year old and a five year old how to properly use the Sergent couplers.

Benchwork (15)

Progress 4-2-12

Progress has really been stifled by rain, sick kids, injury, illness and RAIN. And did I mention rain. So in between the…

Reset (04)

Brackets In Now Take Them Out

Lowering the Bench I got all of the brackets and ledger boards installed and then decided to listen to some…

Benchwork (07)

Shelf Bracket Benchwork 1

Progress I started benchwork today. I’m using angle brackets from Home Depot; 16″ brackets along the east wall and 12″…