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Sugar and Steam tracks ballasted.

Rock Out

Ballast My weekend modeling efforts went mostly toward ballasting the Industrial Lead, Sugar and Steam tracks. I used an assortment…

Maxum Center/East #7 Bolted Rail Frog

Frog Survey – Maxum Petroleum

At the deep end of the hole lies Maxum Petroleum (formerly Ranier Petroleum), a petroleum products distributor. Maxum is switched…

Cargill – Closeup

  I had a rare opportunity to get a close-up glimpse Cargill Corn Sweeteners. The Sugar Track only had two cars in it;…

Industrial Lead 13

Track Plan 13 – Skipping Ahead

Track Plan Updates Moved Franz Bakery to the west side. Moved the yard to the west side. Rearranged Cargill turnout….

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 01

Track Plan – 01

Track Plan Updates I’ve decided to eliminate the runaround and go with a more prototypical track arrangement. Especially “The Hole”.I’ve…

Track Plan - Oriental Lead 1

The Industiral Lead – Introduction

I am designing a modern day HO industrial layout. The layout is inspired by my experiences railroading in Seattle. It…