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Maxum Petroleum Survey

I recently started working in Seattle again after 5 years working in Auburn and Tacoma. It’s interesting to get back…

Sugar and Steam tracks ballasted.

Rock Out

Ballast My weekend modeling efforts went mostly toward ballasting the Industrial Lead, Sugar and Steam tracks. I used an assortment…

Maxum Center/East #7 Bolted Rail Frog

Frog Survey – Maxum Petroleum

At the deep end of the hole lies Maxum Petroleum (formerly Ranier Petroleum), a petroleum products distributor. Maxum is switched…

Cargill – Closeup

  I had a rare opportunity to get a close-up glimpse Cargill Corn Sweeteners. The Sugar Track only had two cars in it;…

Industrial Lead 13

Track Plan 13 – Skipping Ahead

Track Plan Updates Moved Franz Bakery to the west side. Moved the yard to the west side. Rearranged Cargill turnout….

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 01

Track Plan – 01

Track Plan Updates I’ve decided to eliminate the runaround and go with a more prototypical track arrangement. Especially “The Hole”.I’ve…

Track Plan - Oriental Lead 1

The Industiral Lead – Introduction

I am designing a modern day HO industrial layout. The layout is inspired by my experiences railroading in Seattle. It…