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Patrick chipping barriers.

Chipped Barriers

I decided to try Vallejo Chipping Medium for some of the Jersey barriers on the layout. I used paint to…

Patrick tacks the Homasote to the deck.

Roadbed by the sheet.

Since we didn’t buy enough Homabed, Patrick and I went down to Compton Lumber and picked up a sheet of Homasote….

Gue + chalk line = no line, so I had Patrick nail in the base layer.

Let’s lay some roadbed

I’ve been sitting on my stash of Homabed for almost a month and I’ve finally decided it’s time to start…

Patrick running trains

Nighttime Operations 9-3-2012

� Nightime Operations 9-3-2012 A short nighttime session before bedtime. 11 Engineer – Lorenzo 13 Foreman – Patrick 14 Helper…