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Maxum Center/East #7 Bolted Rail Frog

Frog Survey – Maxum Petroleum

At the deep end of the hole lies Maxum Petroleum (formerly Ranier Petroleum), a petroleum products distributor. Maxum is switched…

Cargill – Closeup

  I had a rare opportunity to get a close-up glimpse Cargill Corn Sweeteners. The Sugar Track only had two cars in it;…

Desk (5)

Closet, Desk, and Shelves

I’ve been plugging away at finishing the desk and closet. It’s been a good way to stay inside while the…

Camp Trailer

There are quite a few campers, camp trailers and motor homes in the area. I’ll probably model one like the…

TILX 170357

TILX 170357

ARMN 461808

ARMN 761808

PCC Logistics

Cargill Seattle

Industrial Lead 13

Track Plan 13 – Skipping Ahead

Track Plan Updates Moved Franz Bakery to the west side. Moved the yard to the west side. Rearranged Cargill turnout….

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 03

Track Plan 03

Track Plan Updates I’ve refined the plan to incorporate an Odom Lead Spur, a runaround. It’d be nice to have…