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My work desk has been occupied by about 30 HO scale containers I’ve been weathering over the last few weeks….

71.275 + 71.023

HVAC Colors

I’ve been experimenting with colors to paint rooftop details. While most of the pipes and vents will be painted a…

Patrick chipping barriers.

Chipped Barriers

I decided to try Vallejo Chipping Medium for some of the Jersey barriers on the layout. I used paint to…

Staining Wood Ties

Finishing & Staining Wood Ties – Video

Finishing & Staining Wood Ties I’ve already glued my ties to the roadbed. I used Kappler 8′ 6″ wood cross…

Test tie strip

Tie Color with Leather Dye

I decided to try a little leather dye mixed with alcohol for tie coloring. I bought Lincoln Black Leather Dye…

Distressed and Weatered Ties

Tie Color and Distress

My first attempt at getting a realistic looking railroad ties. I distressed the ties with an exacto knife, wire brush…

Proto:87 #8 Turnout

Video Update – 2012-11-29

I’ve been mercilessly abusing this Proto:87 Superfine #8 turnout. I’m trying to get as much experience as I can with…