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Peco Turnout modified with Details West Frog

How Deep is Your Flange?

I spent a good portion of my modeling time this summer modifying and super-detailing three Peco turnouts. I replaced the…

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 39

Track Plan 39

The High Fidelity Option – The roadbed is in and before I lay track, I thought it’d be a good time to review my track plan. Am I happy with a proto-mash layout? Should I follow the prototype more closely? Am I happy with Peco track? Should I try Proto:87?

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 36

Track Plan 36

      A little more dramatic redesign. Put’s Franz Bakery in the closet. Terminal 115 out in front of…

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 26

Track Plan 26

Rearranged crossover. Redid code 70 sections. Updated to all Peco turnouts.   Drawn with AnyRail 

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 23

Track Plan 23

Not much change. Just made it 1″ wider on the south and west sides to reflect the benchwork.

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 22

Going Crazy with Ideas – I Need to Run Some Trains

Operations I spent the early part of the day entering data into Easy Model Railroad Inventory. It has a lot…

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 20

Track Plan 20 – Thoughts on Operation

I’d like to have two full spots on the layout at anytime. One full spot at the industries and one full spot in…

Industrial Lead 13

Track Plan 13 – Skipping Ahead

Track Plan Updates Moved Franz Bakery to the west side. Moved the yard to the west side. Rearranged Cargill turnout….

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 03

Track Plan 03

Track Plan Updates I’ve refined the plan to incorporate an Odom Lead Spur, a runaround. It’d be nice to have…

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 02

Track Plan 02

Track Plan Updates Rearranged the lead track to avoid running it through the wall in to the closet. This will…