Track Plan 39

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 39
Track Plan - Industrial Lead 39

The roadbed is in and before I lay track, I thought it’d be a good time to review my track plan. Am I happy with a proto-mash layout? Should I follow the prototype more closely? Am I happy with Peco track? Should I try Proto:87?

The High Fidelity Option

This plan follows the prototype arrangement very closely. It eliminates Franz Bakery & Terminal 115, and replaces PCC Logistics with Maxum Petroleum. I’ve eliminated half the turnouts, and opted to use #8 turnouts. I’m still working on a version with broader curves.


  • Fidelity to prototype
  • Larger turnouts.
  • Easier to figure out continuity of scenes and photo backdrops.


  • Only two industries
  • Only uses tank cars
  • Fewer operation options

For now, I’ll lay in another test track that follows this new plan. I’ve ordered some Proto:87 turnout kits and wheel sets, which I’ll be testing also.


Author: Greg Amer

4 thoughts on “Track Plan 39

  1. Hi Greg….

    I am starting to plan an industrial/switching layout as well. Which program did you use for the trackplan? It looks good.



  2. Hi Greg!.
    Can you explain how it will be a complete switching session?. The incoming train is on the Sig runaround track at the beginning and then…

  3. Hi!.
    Have been following your prototype with great interest and have seen there are a lot of tank cars spotted next to Seattle lighting. Are they off spot waiting space frees up in Cargill or Maxum petroleum?.
    I can guess for switching Maxum petroleum they have to pull cars spotted in Cargill,haven´t they?.
    I can´t wait to watch a video from you switching your layout.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      You are right on both questions. The track next to Seattle Lighting is called The Odom Lead and is used for storing tank cars waiting to be spotted at Cargill or Maxum Petroleum. To work Maxum Petroleum you have to pull all of the cars spotted on the Steam Track at Cargill, as it’s the only way to get down to Maxum.

      Thanks for your interest. I can’t wait to get it operational and make a video.


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