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Peco Turnout modified with Details West Frog

How Deep is Your Flange?

I spent a good portion of my modeling time this summer modifying and super-detailing three Peco turnouts. I replaced the…

Template - Start laying ties

Templates Have Instructions Too

  I’ve been wanting to try making a turnout without using the Proto:87 Stores Switch-Works Ultimate Turnout jigs. I’ve seen many…

Peco Proto:87 Conversion (or Diversion)

  A long time ago, I purchased a stash of Peco #8 turnouts, just in case I got fed up…

Proto:87 #10 "Ultimate Turnout"

Another Turnout And I’m Still Learning

What little time I had this summer for model railroading was pretty much devoted to making another Proto:87 Stores #10…

Points soldered to PCB ties and wire

Throw Bar Throw Down

— Shimming Proto:87 Stores “Ultimate” Throw Bars I’m continuing to build Proto:87 Stores “Ultimate” turnouts. One feature I’ve complained about before is holding…

Adjustable rail braces.

Summer Spurt 2013

It’s been a real slow summer. No time for trains. Kids summer camp brought me a couple of hours of…

Switch-Works Points

Switch-Works Points

This video shows how to install points for the Switch-Works “Ultimate” turnout. Switch-Works is a set of jigs for assembling…

Guard Rail Check Gauge

Switch-Works Guard Rails

This video shows how to lay guard rails for the Switch-Works “Ultimate” turnout. Switch-Works is a set of jigs for assembling…

"Ultimate" Turnout Clinic Abbreviated

“Ultimate” Turnout Clinic

  Thank you to everyone that attended Build the “Ultimate” Turnout Clinic. As promised, I’ve posted an abbreviated version of…

"Ultimate" Turnout Clinic Abbreviated

Switch-Works Rails & Frog

This video shows how to lay stock rails, frog rails, closure rails and the frog for the Switch-Works “Ultimate” turnout….