Summer Spurt 2013

It’s been a real slow summer. No time for trains. Kids summer camp brought me a couple of hours of free time to take on a couple of projects.

Work Bench Add On and Dremel Workstation

I added a small section to my workbench. The new section is for my new Dremel Workstation. The 12″ x 16″ section was made from a piece of scrap melamine and is supported by a steel angle bracket. I found some Micro Carbide CNC drill bits on ebay that work great with the Dremel. They have an 1/8″ shank. I bought a set of 50 bits, 5 each of size #72 through #83. I plan to start using the set up immediately to drill holes in the points and throw bars.

Turnout Progress

I started this #10 turnout in May, but it’s been dormant mostly all summer. I started it using Proto:87 Stores Switch-Works tie plate jig, then substituted heavy weight tie plates for the standard plates and made some adjustments to the types of tie plates around the points, frog, and guard rails. I’m adding adjustable rail braces.


Author: Greg Amer

4 thoughts on “Summer Spurt 2013

  1. The pack I bought came with a metal case, I think I spent something around $30-40. The drills aren’t the greatest quality, but they work. I figure as I break them, I’ll replace them with decent bits. Micro-Mark sells a 60-80 pack in a couple different price ranges. Again started with the lower priced one, and worked my way through the bits. Those 60-80 bits break really easy, so it’s nice to have backstock. The other thing that I find helpful (you may have it already) is a digital caliper. When the drill bits get mixed up its easy to measure and figure out what bit is what. I have a excel file that I can send you that lists all the numbered, lettered bits, and the correct tap and die if you’re interested?

  2. Thanks Craig.

    I’ll have to check Ace.

    Harbor Freight sells ten packs of various sizes, as in the sizes vary from pack to pack. I bought 2 ten packs and ended up with 6 #80 bits, 3 #83 bits and one each of random sizes from #57 to #78. Not very helpful if you are using your #77 bit and you break it. Then how many Harbor Freight various sizes packs do you need to buy before you find one with another #77 drill bit in it?

    I found mine on eBay by searching micro carbide drill bits. I think I bought mine from Drill Bits Unlimited.

  3. Invest in a complete set of number 1-80 drill bits. I found a 1-60 set at my local Ace. Number 61–80 are a bit easier to find in hobby shops. I’ve never seen a drill bit about 80, so you’ve got me on that one. If you end up doing any scratch building or kitbashing you’ll use those bits a lot.

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