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February 2022 Walk-around Video

2 A friend asked recently how my layout was looking so I made a short walk-around video. I’m currently working…

All The Stuff I Didn’t Blog About in 2021

Admittedly I spent a lot of my modeling time last year working on P48 projects, a departure from my HO…

Seattle Lighting Retail Front

I finally got around to making the window and door to the Seattle Lighting retail entrance. After several false starts…

Last tree

Landscaping – A Little Bit Every Day

This week has been full of short work sessions to get a little done each day and it’s paying off….

Maxum Petroleum mock-up

Maxim Mock-up

I used my Cricut to cut a medium chipboard mock up of the Maxum Petroleum annex. I had to really…

Sugar and Steam tracks ballasted.

Rock Out

Ballast My weekend modeling efforts went mostly toward ballasting the Industrial Lead, Sugar and Steam tracks. I used an assortment…

Ecology Blocks Found

In my  recent post Barriers. I mentioned how I could not find a suitable stand in for the concrete ecology…

71.275 + 71.023

HVAC Colors

I’ve been experimenting with colors to paint rooftop details. While most of the pipes and vents will be painted a…

Arctic Refrigeration Dock Canopy

Dock for Cover

The Arctic Refrigeration Building on Hanford Street features a covered truck dock. Recreating the look, and its been a very…

Seaport Maintenance

Seaport Maintenance

I’ve been working on the Seaport Maintenance facility. I engraved and cut the exterior brick structures on my Cricut Maker.