Seattle Lighting Retail Front

I finally got around to making the window and door to the Seattle Lighting retail entrance. After several false starts over the last year I finally settled on a solution.

I was trying to print this on clear transparency paper, but kept getting smudges. I tried to seal the printing on the transparency, but then wound up with cloudy windows. My solution was to simplify the design, cut the door and window frames from vinyl on my Cricut, stick that vinyl to clear styrene, then glue it in place. It lacks the signage I was hoping to incorporate (that’ll be a decal project at a later time).

I also completed the truck dock scene by building I a false dock and stacking some crates inside.

Seattle Lighting Retail Entrance
Seattle Lighting Truck Dock
Seattle Lighting Retail Entrance
Seattle Lighting Retail Door
Transfer tape holds the retail door cut from vinyl.
The window cut from vinyl.
The retail door cut from vinyl.
An unsuccessful cut that tries to combine letter cut-outs to incorporate paint mask into the frame. The cutouts were too small.
Artwork for the previous version of printed doors. I reversed the image so it would print on the back side of the transparency film.


Author: Greg Amer

2 thoughts on “Seattle Lighting Retail Front

  1. You may want to look into “positive film” which is used to make color separations for silk screen printing. Fixxons is one company that offers it. They are what you and I would call a transparency except they are 100% smudge free and 100% waterproof. They have to be for their intended purpose.

    I use Fixxons 8-1/2×11 positive film in an ink jet printer. Works excellent.

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