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Seaport Maintenance Pt. 2

I’ve spent a good deal of time finishing off the Port of Seattle Seaport Maintenance Facility. This building has been…

Maxum Petroleum Survey

I recently started working in Seattle again after 5 years working in Auburn and Tacoma. It’s interesting to get back…

Paint & Paint Again

Paint I posted recently about the Concrete Ecology Blocks I picked up from ZYX Creative. I’ve been slowly painting and…

Arctic Refrigeration Dock Canopy

Dock for Cover

The Arctic Refrigeration Building on Hanford Street features a covered truck dock. Recreating the look, and its been a very…

Seaport Maintenance

Seaport Maintenance

I’ve been working on the Seaport Maintenance facility. I engraved and cut the exterior brick structures on my Cricut Maker.

Seattle Lighting

Seattle Lighting has a large warehouse and retail store that will be modeled on the layout. The warehouse is no…

Maxum Center/East #7 Bolted Rail Frog

Frog Survey – Maxum Petroleum

At the deep end of the hole lies Maxum Petroleum (formerly Ranier Petroleum), a petroleum products distributor. Maxum is switched…

PCC Logistics

Cargill Seattle