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Massive Track Project

In 2022 I was commissioned to build a number of O scale track components for another modeler. The total project…

February 2022 Walk-around Video

2 A friend asked recently how my layout was looking so I made a short walk-around video. I’m currently working…

Arctic Refrigeration Dock Canopy

Dock for Cover

The Arctic Refrigeration Building on Hanford Street features a covered truck dock. Recreating the look, and its been a very…

Cab Cubby

Cab Cubby

Thanks to a tip from The New York Harbor Railroad, I found these inexpensive and very cool little throttle pockets called the Cab Cubby. I immediately ordered a half dozen for $12 on ebay and got free shipping. It’s a great price compared to the competition.

Patrick tacks the Homasote to the deck.

Roadbed by the sheet.

Since we didn’t buy enough Homabed, Patrick and I went down to Compton Lumber and picked up a sheet of Homasote….

Gue + chalk line = no line, so I had Patrick nail in the base layer.

Let’s lay some roadbed

I’ve been sitting on my stash of Homabed for almost a month and I’ve finally decided it’s time to start…

Another closeup mockup 2.

Seattle Lighting Mockup

  I want to know where my buildings will be before I start glueing down roadbed and track, so I…

Workbench (5)

Workbench Complete

I’ve completed the workbench and I’m pretty happy with it. The key features are: Magnetic Tool Strip: I bought these…

Installing Slides

Drawers Installed

Desk (7)

West Valance and Desk Complete

West Valance I completed the west valance. Mostly:) It still needs a little touch up paint. The valance fascia is…