Massive Track Project

In 2022 I was commissioned to build a number of O scale track components for another modeler. The total project encompassed 4 turnouts, 2 custom designed diverging track sections, 2 custom designed bridge track sections and several turnout switch stands.

I’ve posted some highlight photos below, but if your interested in more information I kept is a diary of the progress on that project.

A section of the custom bridge track. This bridge was approximately 48” long.
A switch stand assembled & painted. These stands have SMD LEDs to light the lanterns.
Some of the tie placement templates I made for a long section of bridge track.
A pair of #9 turnouts made from O Scale Turnouts kit.
A custom diverging route track section to marry up with #8 turnouts
Parts of a template I made to verify girder spacing before constructing the bridge track. I made a couple of these templates to send to the customer so we could verify the measurements of the bridge cross beams to determine where bridge ties would be placed.
Tie plates being placed on this #6 turnout. The #6 turnouts were built from Right-O-Way kits.
Placing the frog on this #8 turnout.


Author: Greg Amer

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