Ecology Blocks Found

ZYX Creative Concrete Block 72"
ZYX Creative Concrete Block

In my  recent post Barriers. I mentioned how I could not find a suitable stand in for the concrete ecology blocks that are so common around the Industrial Lead. Thanks to a plug on What’s Neat This Week I found some blocks from ZYX Creative. They make a variety of 3D printed models in multiple scales.

I ordered 2 sets of 30 each (a lot more than I need) because the products come with the supports already attached and I wasn’t sure how easy it is to get to a finished state without destroying some. Fortunately it is very easy to remove the supports. The blocks are solid and sturdy. The are also easy to sand and paint. I cleaned them with hot soapy water, primed and painted with Vallejo Acrylics. The material appears to be fairly easy to distress, so I’ll try making some cracked and chipped concrete blocks. 59 more to experiment with 🙂




Author: Greg Amer

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