Kids Gone Choo Choo 2012 – Prep

Kid’s Gone Choo Choo is Thursday at Patrick’s preschool and we’ve spent the last couple of days dusting off the old preschool layout and making sure everything is up to speed and operational. Patrick started by painting the fascia. Then he cleaned the track. We both worked at replacing all the broken couplers, and I made sure all of the trip pins were bent up.

Of course the show stopper and what everyone has been waiting for all weak was weathering the freight cars. We used Bragdon powders and dusted those poor cars liberally. Patrick worked real hard at make his stuff filthy! And they are FILTHY! Nice job guys.

We’ll just leave the layout out until Thursday, so anyone that want’s to use it can.


Author: Greg Amer

1 thought on “Kids Gone Choo Choo 2012 – Prep

  1. Kids Gone Choo Choo was totally awesome. We had a great time. Patrick was a great helper and the preschoolers loved running trains.

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