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Jim Rockford's Firebird

Rockford won’t be happy

I don’t think Rockford is going to be happy with what Lorenzo did to his Firebird. While weathering the Firebird,…

Weathering Fools

Kids Gone Choo Choo 2012 – Prep

Kid’s Gone Choo Choo is Thursday at Patrick’s preschool and we’ve spent the last couple of days dusting off the…

My Alaskan Steamship Co. module.

PNW Free-moN 2012 meet

The PNW Free-moN had there second meet at the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club in Portland Oregon on Saturday, October…

Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN module.

Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN Module Test Run

A test run on my Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN module. The module is 42″ x 16″ and features the old Alaskan Steamship Company transfer warehouse and office building located in a run down part of Chinatown.

Scale Down to Scale Up

  It’s hard to let go of a dream. I abandoned my partially completed N Scale Halland Yard layout in November 2010, but…

38th Annual Train Show Pacific Science Center Seattle

  I’ll be working the 4th Division Pacific Northwest Rail NTrak layout this weekend Jan. 14 – Jan. 16. I’ll…