Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN Module Test Run


As you may know I am bi-scalic. I use both HO and N scale. I got interested in Free-moN last year and built the Alaskan Steamship Company Free-moN module. The module is 42″ x 16″ and features the old Alaskan Steamship Company transfer warehouse and office building located in a run down part of Chinatown. Since building the module in 2011, it’s been stored in my garage waiting for a chance to come out and play. Well that time is approaching and I decided I’d better get out the old module, dust it off, tune-it up and finsih up.

Alaskan Steamship Co. Test Run

The Alaskan Steamship Build Blog is on Trainboard

The Alaskan Steamship Co. will be setting up with the PNW Free-moN group at the

Columbia Gorge Model RR Club
2505 N Vancouver Ave, Portland, OR

Oct. 20th at 10 am. If you’re interested stop by and say hello.

More about PNW Free-moN

Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN module.
Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN module.









See The Alaskan Steamship Company build blog at Trainboard



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