P48 Conversion – Atlas Trainman 40’ Hy-Cube Box Car

I spent most of April converting a pair of Atlas O 3 rail cars to Proto 48.

Atlas O Trainman 40’ Hy-Cube Box Car

Atlas Trainman 40’ Hy-Cube Box Car UP 518255
Union Pacific B55-50 Drawing on harley-trains.smugmug.com

I chiseled off the bolster pin.
This car has 2 coupler mounting posts which matched the Kadee coupler width.
I used shims on the bolster conversion bushing to bring the ride height up slightly.
The shims mounted to the bolster conversion bushing.
Testing floor height with my homemade gage.
Completed underside detail with Kadee coupler and Protocraft 70 ton roller bearing trucks mounted.
Kadee coupler and Protocraft trucks installed.
My two Proto 48 cars coming together.


I took less photos of this car than the 53’ Evans because it turned out to be easier. Placement of the coupler was easy since the car already had mounting studs with predrilled holes. The body bolster was pretty simple too since it was all plastic I had to drill, and the only challenge was figuring out how much I needed to shim the bushing to get the correct ride height.


Author: Greg Amer

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