Oct 022012


I want to know where my buildings will be before I start glueing down roadbed and track, so I am going to make some mockups. I spent the morning making a mockup for Seattle Ligthing, the large warehouse on the west side of the layout. I made two mockups, because I wasn’t happy with the first one.

The first mockup had hardboard nailed to a pine strip to screw into the layout deck. I cut this too short and the hardboard was too flimsy.

The second mockup I cut from plywood and used a plywood screw strip. It is 4″ tall (3/4″ of that is below track level foundation). It’s 80″ long (about 9″ less than the prototype).

Jan 082012
Track Plan - Industrial Lead 13

Industrial Lead 13

Track Plan Updates
  • Moved Franz Bakery to the west side.
  • Moved the yard to the west side.
  • Rearranged Cargill turnout.
  • Rerranged PCC turnout.
  • Added a smll runaround.
  • Added industry Seaport Steel.
  • Added industry Terinal 115
  • Moved all shelves in to 18″ or 16″.
  • Eliminated Seattle Pottery.


Instead of detailing each iteration of the track plan, I’ve skipped ahead to Track Plan #13. This does stray some from the prototype track arrangements, but I think it’s as honest as can be given the space and desired industries.

I’ve added a runaround and two additional industries to make it more challenging. Seaport Steel is located on the South Leg of the West Seattle WYE. It takes falt cars with steel plates and shapes. Terminal 115 is located in West Seattle, at the end of the Avenue. It takes a lot of random specialty loads; including flat cars with machinery, flat cars with pipes.

I’ve decided it’d be best to keep the shelves under 18″. I had planned on modelling Seattle Pottery on the North side of the Hole tracks, but I decided it would be difficult to couple and uncouple cars with this building in the way. I still have PCC logistics in front of the tracks, but I think I’m willing to live with the difficulty of coupling and uncoupling here, because I ‘ll be mostly pulling and spotting the entire track at once.

I’ve moved the yard so it is next to Seattle lighting and moved the Odom Lead to function as an actual lead track. I think this arrangement gives me the optimum storage space and switching realism. In real life there is no yard and the Odom Lead is adjacent to Seattle Lighting and stubs out at Hanford Street.


Track Plan 03

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Jan 052012
Track Plan - Industrial Lead 03

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 03

Track Plan Updates

I’ve refined the plan to incorporate an Odom Lead Spur, a runaround. It’d be nice to have a little extra operational opportunity) , an extra industry and moved PCC Logistics North. I’ve added more detail and labels to the plan.


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Track Plan 02

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Jan 052012
Track Plan - Industrial Lead 02

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 02

Track Plan Updates
  • Rearranged the lead track to avoid running it through the wall in to the closet. This will make it easier to switch. It also makes the yard larger. And eliminates 22″ radius curve in favor of a 24″ radius curve.
  • Added depth to the west side where the window sill is. This extra depth will make it easier to model the barrel roofed Seattle Lighting.


Jan 052012
Track Plan - Industrial Lead 01

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 01

Track Plan Updates

I’ve decided to eliminate the runaround and go with a more prototypical track arrangement. Especially “The Hole”.I’ve also changed the name from the fictitious Oriental Lead to prototypical Industrial Lead.

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