Plastic Disaster


A tough lesson in keeping things safe. To protect my Seattle lighting building while I was landscaping the area, I wrapped it in kitchen plastic wrap and secured it with low tack tape. I was nervous about the tape peeling of the finish..

Plastic wrapped Seattle Lighting warehouse in the background.

The tape came of just perfect, but somehow the plastic wrap fused itself to the building in several places. I couldn’t peel or rub it off and I couldn’t find any chemical that would not destroy the finish. I had to remove it with lacquer thinner, acetone and ultimately sand paper.


Seattle Lighting paint damage
Removing the plastic wrap destroyed the finish.


I gave the buildings a light sand and applied Vallejo Olive drab primer. This was a good opportunity to try out the .5mm needle for my cheap Master G233 airbrush. It took a little fiddling to get the needle set just right, but once it was calibrated, the G233 worked like a champ. It layer down some very wide, thick and concentrated lines. 

Fresh Primer
I used Vallejo Olive Drab primer. I wanted a darker color to cover the green and red.
Master G233
The Master G233. With a portion of the Seattle Lighting warehouse that was damaged.

I’m going to let the Primer cure at least a few days before painting. But I’m looking forward to painting this one again with the .5mm needle.


Author: Greg Amer

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