A lot of fiddling to get it on the tracks and going. First try it wouldn’t run, I figured out the decoder had come unseated. Second try the loco kept derailing until I figured out I hadn’t reinstalled the worm gear housings correctly. Third and fourth try still had decoder issues. Fifth time was a charm. I ran a Proto:87 train consist of an SD40-2, an Atlas PressureAide Hopper, and an Atlas Corn Syrup tank car. The train was run on standard Peco flex track around a 24″ radius curve. Hey, it actually works!

Proto:87 Test Train

Proto:87 Test Train

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Greg Amer

  2 Responses to “Proto:87 Test Run 1”

  1. Thanks Jim. The sound decoder is in the mail, definitely gotta have sound. Proto:87 wheels are actually to scale width and flanges, the wheels are .064″ wide. I’ll also need Proto:87 turnouts with scale flange ways and check rails. Standard HO wheels are .110″ wide and the flanges are deeper and contoured differently to allow for a wider tolerance in track specifications.

  2. love it Greg, where’s the sound decoder? What is the difference with the proto wheels to the Kato?

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