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Proto:87 Test Train

Proto:87 Test Run 1

A lot of fiddling to get it on the tracks and going. First try it wouldn’t run, I figured out…

Sergent Coupler - SBEC87A

Sergent Coupler Craziness

I spent a couple of days testing Sergent Couplers. We used a variety of couplers on a variety of cars. While I love the way the Sergents look, I found it impractical for our layout. It’s just too hard to teach a three year old and a five year old how to properly use the Sergent couplers.

Patrick running trains

Nightime Operations 8-20-2012

Nighttime Operations on The Industrial Lead   I set up a tuning fork test track. Just a lead a turnout…

SwitchList Back End

Switchlist – Working on an Operations Application

Switch List Application I’ve been working on a new switch list operations application. The application only needs to provide basic…

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 22

Going Crazy with Ideas – I Need to Run Some Trains

Operations I spent the early part of the day entering data into Easy Model Railroad Inventory. It has a lot…

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 20

Track Plan 20 – Thoughts on Operation

I’d like to have two full spots on the layout at anytime. One full spot at the industries and one full spot in…