Feb 062012

I did pretty good at the UNW train show this year:

  • Atlas Trainman GP38-2 BN 2150 $45
  • 3 x Atlas PressureAide Hoppers $25
  • 3  x Atlas 17,600 Gallon Cornsyrup Tank Cars $36
  • 1 x Intermountain EJ&E 60′ Wood Deck Flat Car $20
  • 2 x die-cast semi tractors for $5 each.
  • Busch Ford Explorer for $7.
  • Noch Wildgrass $12
  • Silflor miniNatur weed tufts $7


I almost bought a GP39-2 for $80, luckily I found this GP38-2 for $45. It doesn’t have all the details, like grab irons, so I didn’t want to invest too much. I was hoping to find a BNSF flat car, but I settled for the EJ&E flat car. I really like the wood deck. This should work great for hauling my Norscott Loader.


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Greg Amer

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