P48 – SW9 Upgrade Part 3

My four month marathon with the SW9 is almost finished (see my previous posts: P48 – SW9 UpgradeP48 – SW9 Upgrade ; P48 SW9 Upgrade Part 2 ).

This is my first detailing project, first painting project and the first locomotive I’ve weathered. I really wanted to dive in and see what I could do in O scale.

I started with a stock Atlas O 2 rail SW9 in Union Pacific colors and turned into a well worn Burlington Northern with loads of extra details, DCC, Sound, LED lighting & P48 wheels.

It’s not perfect, but as of now I’m pretty happy with what I learned. And I know what I can do better next time I try something like this.

I still have a few things to do. Including replacing some details and touch up painting. And I need to trim the wires inside to allow the cab to sit more flush. But the bulk is finished. It runs and sounds great.
 BN 149 Video



Author: Greg Amer

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