Slim Lighting the Valance

Slim Fluorescent

As I mentioned in my post Valance Brackets, I’m using linkable slim fluorescent lighting for the valance. The lights I purchased are T4 – 24W. The color temperature is 6400K. They are 34 1/2″ L x 3/4″ w x 1 3/8″ H. Very small. The lights come in a kit with 6′ plug, 6″ link cord, direct link fitting, and two mounting clips. The mounting clips screw to the underside of the valance and the lights slide right in. I linked four lights together. Installation took about ten minutes.

How Do They Look?

You can judge, but I think they look awesome. I love how bright they are. W’ell get a better idea when the valance fascias are installed.

I purchased my lights on eBay from seller finestcorp2010. Good price, good service, and packed well. You can also buy them from Savio Lighting.

Update 5/10/2012

I took out the lights and reinstalled them with a 45 degree mounting blocks. I think the new installation throws more light onto the layout surface.



Author: Greg Amer

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