North and West Lighting

The Old Tube Light

I installed the old 48″ double tube fluorescent fixtures from the Halland layout. In total 3 fixtures were installed; 2 on the west layout and 1 in the closet (north). They work fine, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them because I think they’ll be inconvenient to replace bulbs. I’m thinking about buying more T4 slim fluorescent lights. I found a cheaper supplier Cyelite.

I also broke out the old Cryon LED lighting I was using for blue lights on the Halland layout. I don’t think I have enough to encircle the entire layout, so I’m trying to determine where they will provide the most benefit. I’ll fill in the gaps with some blue T4 lights.

Raceway Power

I tapped into a power outlet on the north wall to run a surface mount non-metallic raceway power system. The route runs into the closet, then back around the rest of the room. Each box has two switched outlet pairs; one pair for daytime lighting and one pair for nighttime lighting. I got a few of the boxes cheap on eBay and at Habitat for Humanity. I had to buy six raceway strips ($10/ea.) and three or four boxes ($10/ea). The whole system set me back about $100. The NM power distribution system is made by Wiremold.

The raceway’s are partially wired. I need to complete the portion that runs inside the closet. I’m still deciding how to distribute the daytime/nighttime outlets.

Valance Frame

I need  a valance over the west wall. It’ll hide the lights and act as a mount for my decorative train memorabilia. I made the frame with 3/4″ plywood and mounted it to the ceiling with angle brackets secured with EZ Ancor drywall anchors (which I love)


Author: Greg Amer

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