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Proto:87 Wheels Installed on Kato SD40-2

Proto:87 Upgrade – Kato SD40-2

I’ve upgraded Kato SD40-2 with Proto:87 wheelsets. I made a video (probably too long) as a reference for anyone who wanted to try it…

Frog Survey

Being a locomotive engineer, I look at turonouts every day. And the model turnouts always look toy like. I’ve never…

Closeup Proto:87 Wheels installed

Proto:87 Wheel Swap

What is Proto:87 Before I go too far along in my layout, I wanted to give Proto:87 a try. If…

Track Plan - Industrial Lead 39

Track Plan 39

The High Fidelity Option – The roadbed is in and before I lay track, I thought it’d be a good time to review my track plan. Am I happy with a proto-mash layout? Should I follow the prototype more closely? Am I happy with Peco track? Should I try Proto:87?

Peco 83 Test Track

Expanding Test Track

I’ve now got two test tracks: A Peco Code 83 Track, which I installed previously, but have now expanded. A…

Self Guarded Frog

Frog Frenzy

I thought I’d chosen Peco 83 as my track. I love the sprung points and I really like the tie plate detail. I’ve…