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Maxum Petroleum Survey

I recently started working in Seattle again after 5 years working in Auburn and Tacoma. It’s interesting to get back…

Maxum Center/East #7 Bolted Rail Frog

Frog Survey – Maxum Petroleum

At the deep end of the hole lies Maxum Petroleum (formerly Ranier Petroleum), a petroleum products distributor. Maxum is switched…

Frog Survey

Being a locomotive engineer, I look at turonouts every day. And the model turnouts always look toy like. I’ve never…

Cargill – Closeup

  I had a rare opportunity to get a close-up glimpse Cargill Corn Sweeteners. The Sugar Track only had two cars in it;…

BNSF 5505 Leaving Harbor Island

With a 7400′ stack train.

Self Guarded Frog

Frog Frenzy

I thought I’d chosen Peco 83 as my track. I love the sprung points and I really like the tie plate detail. I’ve…

Camp Trailer

There are quite a few campers, camp trailers and motor homes in the area. I’ll probably model one like the…

TILX 170357

TILX 170357

ARMN 461808

ARMN 761808

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