Finishing the Main Deck

I was able finish up cutting the main deck. I cut a filler piece for the east wall, filled a large gap on the south wall and re-cut the west wall that leads into the closet. I’ll still need to frame and deck the closet. That’s probably my next phase.

I also cut the curve piece for the valance. This is also my second attempt at this. The curve is an 18″ radius. To cut the curve, I drew it out on a 19 1/2″ square piece of plywood and jig sawed the curve, leaving the extra 1 1/2″ straight edge of plywood on the right angle sides. I then cut that 1 1/2″ straight edges from the curve and used them to mount the curve. This method allowed me to cut the whole 90 degree curve.

I also purchased valance lights. 34 1/2″ 24W T4 slim fluorescent lights from eBay dealer finestcorp2010. I like the slim design and linkability. The are 6400K color temp.

Once again thanks to my parents for taking the boys for the day.


Author: Greg Amer

2 thoughts on “Finishing the Main Deck

  1. Alan,
    Thanks for that info. The valance is very light and the brackets act more to keep it aligned properly. But your warning is welcome, perhaps that will keep me from being tempted to clutter it up as a storage space.
    Thanks for following,

  2. I have used these exact shelf brackets in the past. Beware of the spot weld holding the angle brace. It has been my experience they are not well welded and tend to break apart easily. Doesn’t matter much for conventional shelves since the angle fits into slots on the bracket. But in an application such as yours I would be concerned with the weld if you place much weight on your valance.

    Following right along on your progress. Nice work. Very much enjoy reading about it.

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