Going Mobile

Thanks to two great apps I’m now taking The Industrial Lead mobile. Now I can easily browse my website an upload photos from my iPhone.

On the front-end I’ve added a WordPress plugin called WPTouch. WPTouch detects mobile browsers and displays a mobile friendly application like page. The plugin also adds an easy toggle button to turn the mobile theme on and off.

The second app is an iTunes app called WordPress. The app also acts as a mobile browser to display your WordPress website in a mobile theme. But more importantly it gives you functionality to add and edit posts, and upload photos from your phone. This is exactly what I was searching for, a way to move photos from my iPhone to my website.


Author: Greg Amer

1 thought on “Going Mobile

  1. I’ve added a third little app called MyGP GeoTags for WordPress. The purpose of the app is to geotag a post and insert a map with a pinpoint location of where the posting occured. I like it to post pictures, so the user can see where I got the photo from.

    I’ve used it in a few simple photo posts.

    The Industrial Lead – Cargill Seattle
    The Industrial Lead – PCC Logistics
    The Industrial Lead – ARMN 761808
    The Industrial Lead – TILX 170357

    I haven’t been able to automate the process yet. I can save a geotag with the post, but I still need to edit the post later to fine tune it and make the map actually appear. Still trying to figure some things out. But for now, I like the ability to use my iPhone to take the prototype photos and upload them with a geotag to my site. Pretty cool!

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