Can’t wait to get the Atlas HO version of this car.

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Greg Amer

  9 Responses to “VTGX 17333”

  1. Good Eye Ron, That’s right, it’s BNSF 1798 SD40-2. Still in BN Green.

  2. Ron Sallee commented on THE INDUSTRIAL LEAD:

    Is that SD still in BN colors or am I seeing things?

  3. Is that SD still in BN colors or am I seeing things?

  4. Nice model!. I have 4 with Corn products patch out paint scheme. Three are Atlas and 1 Walthers. Atlas’ model is better than Walthers

  5. Isn’t this a corn syrup car? I thought these were already on the market in HO.

  6. I was wondering what VTG was. I think I started seeing these repatch cars about two years ago and now they are a staple at Cargill.

  7. Random info, but VTG is major player in the European petroleum and chemical tank car leasing market, much like the European version of GATX or UTLX. They’ve tapped the US market in that last few years leasing corn syrup cars.

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