Near Scale Spiking

I’m using Proto:87 Stores Near HO Scale Spikes. These spikes are much smaller than even the Micro Engineering micro spikes with a head that is not so obtrusive. They are just short enough to not extend beyond the bottom of a full thickness tie, which makes it easy to spike the rails at the bench. And even though my track is actually glued down with barge cement, the spikes give a little extra hold and a big extra detail.

A standard fret has 250 spikes and I find it easiest to remove them from the fret as you spike each tie, as opposed to stripping the fret and picking the spikes from a pile. I use some Tamaya Mini Bending Pliers or some small forceps to start the spike into a tie plate, then usually drive it in with a small flat tip screw driver. The spikes are very rigid and do not bend easily. Proto:87 Stores lists them as stainless steel, but they are magnetic, so I’m not so sure. It’s pretty much essential to use an Optivisor or other magnification.


I spent about thirty minutes spiking one stock rail of a #10 turnout.


Author: Greg Amer

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