Oct 132012

I spent the day at “Rails by the Bay” Northwest Raiload Prototype Modelers Meet. The meet featured four clinics, hundreds of prototype model exhibits by about twenty modelers, and a great raffle. It was a grat chance to meet some interesting people and swap railroad stories and modeling plans.

The show’s organizers did a great job lining up sponsors and had a massive raffle of donated product. I won an Athearn Genesis F45; a Branchline Milwaukee Heavyweight passenger car kit (which I traded around forn Atlas ’73 Centerbeam Flat); and SD40T detail kit which I gave to another modeler. I also received an Atlas Western Pacific Hopper and two packages of Kadee from my friend Rob Jones.

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Greg Amer

  2 Responses to “Rails by the Bay Northwest RPM”

  1. Those are the two reasons I started into HO.

  2. Its just not fair, makes me think about switching to HO scale…that and the sound :-)

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