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Frog Survey

Being a locomotive engineer, I look at turonouts every day. And the model turnouts always look toy like. I’ve never…

A ladder for reference.

More Roadbed

I’ve been slowly plugging away at laying the homasote roadbed and homabed. Not too hard. I tack down the bottom layer…

Peco Headblock Swap

Peco Headblock Swap

Swapping Headblock ties on Peco Code 83 turnouts. Peco Code 83 turnouts come with the headblock ties extending off of…

Potential short zone.

Should I Jump an Insulfrog

I’m using Peco Insulfrog turnouts. I like the way the points throw, the stability and the tie plate detail. But…

Patrick tacks the Homasote to the deck.

Roadbed by the sheet.

Since we didn’t buy enough Homabed, Patrick and I went down to Compton Lumber and picked up a sheet of Homasote….

Gue + chalk line = no line, so I had Patrick nail in the base layer.

Let’s lay some roadbed

I’ve been sitting on my stash of Homabed for almost a month and I’ve finally decided it’s time to start…

Peco 83 Test Track

Expanding Test Track

I’ve now got two test tracks: A Peco Code 83 Track, which I installed previously, but have now expanded. A…

Patrick running trains

Nightime Operations 8-20-2012

Nighttime Operations on The Industrial Lead   I set up a tuning fork test track. Just a lead a turnout…

Self Guarded Frog

Frog Frenzy

I thought I’d chosen Peco 83 as my track. I love the sprung points and I really like the tie plate detail. I’ve…