From Pioneer to Legacy

I’ve always considered myself to be an Internet pioneer. I built my first website some 20 years ago. I registered my first domain in 1995 and came up with the brilliant idea of registering my own name as a domain some 15 years ago. I took the time to learn and implement CGI, PERL, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, VB, C.

That was then, this is now. I started having trouble with my Internet server last week, a FAST CGI error. Basically my server was crapping out. My hosting company told me my problem was that I was on a LEGACY server. A 14 year old machine just showing its age. Quite frankly, I was surprised it had been that long and shocked that a computer would last that long.

The Pioneer had now become the Legacy.

Yesterday I moved my website to a new server. Same, but a new IP address: . It should pose no interruption to the end viewer as the change should propagate through the DNS system.

Cheers to the Internet.

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Author: Greg Amer

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