Work Light Flexibility

When I built my workbench, I made sure it had lot’s of light. In fact, with three 16″ T4 6400K fluorescent I figured I’d have all the light I needed. After a few months of use, it became apparent I needed more light directed on the work piece. For a while now I’ve been adding the additional light with a flashlight, but it hasn’t been the best solution.

While visiting a local art store I discovered the daylight™ SlimLine Table Lamp. It’s a clamp on fluorescent lamp with a flexible arm and slim fixture that should be perfect for my workbench. I can swing the light directly over my work peice and it is so slim it doesn’t block my vision. The lamp is super bright and claims to illuminate in daylight colors.



In order to keep the lamp almost as slim as a fluorescent tube, daylight™ has cleverly moved the ballast and switch outside of the fixture into what looks like a slim and elongated transformer. The ballast assembly is connected to the lamp with about a 6″ wire and has a 6′ wire to the wall plug. The head of the light is 20″ long and sports a 16″ long 11W T2 fluorescent tube. The flexible arm allows the light a range between 6″ to 21″ high. The price is $169 MSRP, but I found mine on Amazon for $87.


Author: Greg Amer

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