Oct 212012

The PNW Free-moN had there second meet at the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club in Portland Oregon on Saturday, October 20th. Myself, Bert Cripe, Mark Clemens, Adam Robbins, Mike Harvey, and our host Doug Auburg attended. We had a total of 8 module which were arranged into a Y shape about 20 feet long. Not a lot, but a lot more than last meet.

We had a little problem getting power to the layout, but it only took about 15 minutes to troubleshoot and correct. I had some problems with my brass BLMA “rubber” crossings. They were causing back to back shorts. I ended up ripping them out and will need to replace the crossing with something non-conductive.

The group is tentatively going to try to meet in March in Portland for the “Meet in March” If you are interested in Free-moN and live in the Pacific Northwest area, join our Yahoo group PNW_Freemo_N.

Portable Panels

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Oct 192012

Digitrax UP3′s for Modular Layouts

It can get pricey installing throttle panels on multiple modules. Making the panels portable allows me to use my UP3 panels on many different modules as needed. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and since I’m having a Free-moN meet tomorrow, I thought I’d better get it done.

Now I have two Portable UP3 panels to use with my oNeTrak and Free-moN modules.



As you may know I am bi-scalic. I use both HO and N scale. I got interested in Free-moN last year and built the Alaskan Steamship Company Free-moN module. The module is 42″ x 16″ and features the old Alaskan Steamship Company transfer warehouse and office building located in a run down part of Chinatown. Since building the module in 2011, it’s been stored in my garage waiting for a chance to come out and play. Well that time is approaching and I decided I’d better get out the old module, dust it off, tune-it up and finsih up.

Alaskan Steamship Co. Test Run

The Alaskan Steamship Build Blog is on Trainboard

The Alaskan Steamship Co. will be setting up with the PNW Free-moN group at the

Columbia Gorge Model RR Club
2505 N Vancouver Ave, Portland, OR

Oct. 20th at 10 am. If you’re interested stop by and say hello.

More about PNW Free-moN

Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN module.
Alaskan Steamship Co. Free-moN module.









See The Alaskan Steamship Company build blog at Trainboard


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