I ordered Posi-Tap wire connectors to attach my feeders to my bus wires.

I have two buses:  the DCC Bus is 12 ga. stranded wire; the Lighting Bus is 14 ga. stranded wire. So I ordered Posi-Tap connectors ZRTL 643-30 (black) which says it taps 12-18 ga. wires & ZRTL  605-30 (blue) which says it taps 14-18 ga. wires. They are too small to fit the intended wires. The 12 ga. (black) connectors only work with 14 ga. or smaller wire. The 14 ga. (blue) connectors only fit wires 16 ga. or smaller.

So the advice is to buy the connectors one size larger than what you need. I’ll keep the black connectors for my 14 ga. lighting bus and I’m trying to return the blue connectors and instead get the yellow ones which say the fit 10-12 ga wires.



I cut the remaining drawer openings into the bench work. I’ll now have three drawers on the east side and one on the south. I still need to make the fourth drawer, but I got busy painting the three that have already been built.

I started into some layout electrical. I sited my Digitrax DCS100 command station beneath the layout. I ran two buses: red/black for DCC & white/green for layout lighting. I also sited the Digitrax UR92 radio receiver.

I think I need to completely finish the fascia before I install the drawers and start laying track. I plan to be doing some more fascia work as time permits. I’ll also be installing the Formica fascia on top of the hardboard.

I didn’t want to bother myself with installing a sound decoder into my BNSF Kato SD40-2, so I bought a BN Kato SD40-2 with ESU Loksound installed from Model Train Stuff. It looks awesome. I haven’t tested it yet (no track wired up) but it comes with sound decoder and ditch lights. I wanted to have a locomotive on hand to start testing as soon as I could and this was my top choice.

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