Apr 112013

My first attempt at getting a realistic looking railroad ties. I distressed the ties with an exacto knife, wire brush and sand paper. Weathering is various washes of PolyScale Railroad Tie Brown, Acrylic Raw Umber, Black Ink & Alcohol. I think it turned out a little dark,, I sanded some of the finish off after these photos and it looks a little closer to what I want. I’ve posted a couple of prototype photos as well as my weathered ties. I stuck with Acrylic and alcohol solutions instead of wax based solution because I don’t think the tie plates will adhere to a waxy surface.

When I was researching stainging ties, I found a few great examples and threads on the O Gauge Railroading forums:

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Greg Amer

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  1. I wanted to post a picture of ties painted Rust-O-Leum Camoflauge Brown (Looks Good) and weathered with Floquil Instant Weather (Looks Terrible).

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