Feb 262013

February has been a hard month and my second turnout project has been stalled by parts delays, illness, a death, and a vacation. Patrick and I layed out the ties earlier this month and were waiting for a new frog from Andy at Proto:87 Stores. I had Andy build a new frog because I screwed up the last one. I glued in most of the tie plates before I left for vacation. While I was on vacation some new track gauges arrived from DDWheelwrights and Railway Engineering. Having a set of track gauges provided me the motivation to finish the tie paltes and

Essons Learned

  1. Gluing tie plates is a pain in the ass. I tried using a syringe to squirt CA glue onto the ties, but the syringe got blocked up rather quickly and became unusable after a day. I tried using a toothpick to dab a small amount on the ties, but the dabs were frequently too big and would spread to the jig. Too little glue and the tie plates fall off. I found myself constantly being set back by tie plates that came loose. I don’t know if this is a process I’m willing to continue with this method of turnout building.
  2. The Proto:87 Stores throwbar is very difficult to install correctly. I ordered extra, because I had trouble before and I had to use the extras. I finally got it to work long enough to take a couple of photos, then it fell apart. In the end, I soldered a PCB tie to the points.
  3. I needed to file the inside tips of the points so the wheels won’t trip on them.


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Greg Amer

  5 Responses to “Switch-Works – A Second Turnout”

  1. What level CA are you using? A drop of the thick CA shouldn’t run.

    • Hi Mikey,

      I’ve tried thick and extra thick. The problem with a drop is it’s too big and gets pushed out under the jig when I press a tie plate into it, or the drop is too big it contacts a side of the jig causing it to stick to the tie. I think I need a steadier hand and a better dropper.


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