Switch-Works Arrives

My Switch-Works assembly fixture arrived recently and I finally got a chance to get started building some #10 turnouts.

After assembling the base, I put some Press-n-Seal plastic wrap on the base to hold the ties. Then I emptied a bag of precut ties and fitted them into the tie fixture. Put the tie plate aligning fixture on and held it in place with magnets. Everything is easy so far. We’ll see if it stays easy when I start gluing in the hundreds of tie plates 🙂




Author: Greg Amer

3 thoughts on “Switch-Works Arrives

  1. For me the main difference from Fast Tracks is that the Proto:87 Switch Works fixture has you apply tie plates to the ties then fix the rails to the tie plates. Also, the Frogs are a separate unit like the modern manganese frogs. Fast Tracks doesn’t have any tie plates, the ties are affixed directly to the track, and the frogs are fashioned from filling the rail to a point. I think the Proto:87 Switch-Works is more work to build a turnout, but the details are unbeatable.

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