I’ve been mercilessly abusing this Proto:87 Superfine #8 turnout. I’m trying to get as much experience as I can with this one turnout before I start building the Ultimate turnouts I recently ordered. I wasn’t happy with the throw-bars because they kept dropping out, so I tried a hybrid version with the leading throw-bar soldered to the points. I’m considering using carbon fiber strips for the throw bars.

I’ve also done a little track weathering experimentation. I really like the Polly Scale “Dirt” paint for the rails, but think I also need to pre-weather the track with Blacken-It or ME Rail Weathering before painting so I don’t end up with bright silver shiny rail heads.


Proto:87 #8 Turnout

Proto:87 #8 - Used and abused.

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Greg Amer

  2 Responses to “Video Update – 2012-11-29”

  1. Greg,

    My rtr #9s arrived this afternoon, complete with several baggies of extra detailing and a free pair of P87 axles and wheels.

    First impressions, they look sweet and are really fragile.

    I’ll try to spend some time detailing and photographing them for The Staging Yard over the Christmas break, Having some built up will help with building them from kits for sure – several ‘not sure how ya do that’ have been answered just by looking at them.

    • Good to hear. I bought an Switch-Works fixture and #10 turnout kits. I haven’t had much time to try it out yet, but I did get the fixture assembled and plopped in a full compliment of ties. When I get a little more time I’m going to start gluing in the tie plates.

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