• I tacked in 13″ hardboard skyboards around the layout. I’ll be painting these Polar White.
  • I cut painted and installed the south and east valance fascias.
  • I started work on an under layout workbench. The melamine workbench table top rests on a 1 1/2″ slotted angle iron frame. The workbench is 30″ from the floor.

I added the keyboard tray to the bottom of the desk. Everything fits! Yeah! I still need to cut some trim boards to encircle the desktop and hide the gaps.

I’m done with the deck. It’s extended al the way around the room and into the closet. I put the last couple of pieces in today.

I’ve been sitting on the hardboard for the sky-boards for about a week. I finally got out the table saw and trimmed them to size then cut them to fit with the circular saw. I have a bunch of oddball sky-boards to cut now, mostly to fit around the windows and closet.

Feb 142012
Behr 730E-1 Polar White

Behr 730E-1 Polar White

To reflect the wet and cold Seattle skies I want a color that looks muted and grayish. I chose Behr Polar White #730E-1. I bought one gallon of Behr Ultra Interior Ceiling paint for the ceiling, walls and sky boards this color. I like to spend the extra $10 bucks for the Ultra because it’s usually a one affair. I’ve learned my lesson with cheap paints that can take several coats to get a good even finish.

I went to home depot to choose a color, but Behr also has an online color picker.

I also picked up some spackle to work on a little hole filling before I start dinging the wall up again.



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