Aug 202012
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I cut the remaining drawer openings into the bench work. I’ll now have three drawers on the east side and one on the south. I still need to make the fourth drawer, but I got busy painting the three that have already been built.

I started into some layout electrical. I sited my Digitrax DCS100 command station beneath the layout. I ran two buses: red/black for DCC & white/green for layout lighting. I also sited the Digitrax UR92 radio receiver.

I think I need to completely finish the fascia before I install the drawers and start laying track. I plan to be doing some more fascia work as time permits. I’ll also be installing the Formica fascia on top of the hardboard.

I didn’t want to bother myself with installing a sound decoder into my BNSF Kato SD40-2, so I bought a BN Kato SD40-2 with ESU Loksound installed from Model Train Stuff. It looks awesome. I haven’t tested it yet (no track wired up) but it comes with sound decoder and ditch lights. I wanted to have a locomotive on hand to start testing as soon as I could and this was my top choice.

Jul 012012

Lower Fascia

I started installing the lower 1/8″ hardboard  fascia. I had it cut into 6 1/2″ strips at Home Depot, but I wish I had just taken it home and cut it myself because most of the strips are not straight. The fascia is glued with PowerGrab adhesive and tacked with brads. I used a screws and clamps to help hold it into place while installing. I routed out openings for drawers (which causes a terrrible dusty mess).

I’m still considering a laminate countertop fascia. I think the finish would be much nicer. I kind of like Formica Black Matte.

Formica 909-58 Black Matte

Formica 909-58 Black Matte



I bought 2 1/2″ drawer sides at Rockler. The sides are nicely machined 1/2″ thick birch, they have a 1/4″ dado slotted out for a drawer bottom. I bought some 1/4″ Baltic Brich plywood for the drawer bottoms. Assembling the drawers is fairly easy: cut to size, test fit, glue, and clamp. I made three drawers. two for the east side and one for the south side. The drawers will be painted black before installing.


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