I’ve upgraded Kato SD40-2 with Proto:87 wheelsets. I made a video (probably too long) as a reference for anyone who wanted to try it themselves. Although I’d never done it before, it was quite easy, I spent about an hour on the project.


Bill of Materials

  • HO Scale Kato SD40-2
  • NWSL 40″ P:87 1/2 axle wheels 37691-4


  • Small flat tip screw driver
  • Small Phillips screw driver
  • Needle nose pliers



Proto:87 Wheels Installed on Kato SD40-2

Proto:87 Wheels Installed on Kato SD40-2

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Greg Amer

  2 Responses to “Proto:87 Upgrade – Kato SD40-2”

  1. Hi Jim. I have a small tripod that I erect directly in front of me on the workbench. It allows me to see what I’m recording and also is a good angle to keep my hands from obscuring the shot.

  2. Greg, when you shot this video, where did you mount the video camera?

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